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Mandeville Roofing Tips :Asphalt Roof Repair

Mandeville Roofing Tips. Asphalt roofing is the most popular shingles in the country. They are cheap, attractive, effective, and, most importantly, durable. The majority of asphalt roofs are supposed to have a life cycle that ranges from twenty to fifty years according to the manufacturers. In reality, deterioration of an asphalt roof begins in ten years and they often have to be replaced in twenty years. Under severe conditions, like a hailstorms or a hurricanes, for instance, an asphalt roof will not even make it to ten. It is possible it might have to be replaced after one major storm.

You can try to fix problems with your asphalt roof yourself, using our Mandeville roofing tips to help, or contact your local Mandeville asphalt roofing repair contractor to make the repairs for you. If you believe your defects are small, you may try to make the repairs yourself, But only attempt this if you are sure you know what you’re doing.

Mandeville Roofing Tips: Warranty

Before starting a project like this, check your warranty documentation from the roofing materials manufacturer. If the your shingles are still in the warranty period, your manufacturer may cover the cost of the repairs, depending on the reason for the failure.

Mandeville Roofing Tips: Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roofs are not as robust as some other types of roofing. Cold weather causes them to crack, they are not completely waterproof or fireproof and the sun and excessive heat causes them to deteriorate.

If you do decide to repair your roof yourself then remember these Mandeville Roofing Tips:
Start work on a warm sunny afternoon when the roof is dry and there is little moisture in the air. The flexibility of the shingles increases when the air is warm and it contains less moisture.
Wear rubber soled shoes on the roof to increase traction, one slip on the roof could be deadly.
No one should be on a cold icy roof.

Roofing Tips Mandeville

Curling Shingles


Shingles curl at the edges with age. You may see a handful of shingles on a roof curl, but if it is prevalent the entire roof may need to be replaced. Give your local Mandeville asphalt roofing repair service a call and ask their opinion. If just a few of the shingles are curling, they can be repaired. Apply roofing sealant to the underside of the shingle and hold it down with a weight, like a brick. Allow it to remain that way for about a day until the sealant has dried and the shingle should look normal.


Cracked shingles should be repaired hastily or a gust of wind could remove them. Use roofing sealant under the shingle. Weight it down and apply sealant through the crack.

Replacing Shingles:

Shingles can be replaced by removing the nails. You may have to dislodge the shingle on top, since they overlay. If a large portion of the shingles have to be replaced, it may be best to contact your local Mandeville asphalt roofing repair contractor. For a free roofing repair estimate

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